Release Notes 1.7.6 - Durst Workflow

In this version of the Durst Workflow, a variety of new features are available for the Impose Editor, Cutting Devices and User-defined Fields. Additionally, improvements have been made in the handling of Lists, Color Setups and Administration settings.

New Features in version 1.7.6

Impose Editor add Grommets

With the release of 1.7.6, it is now possible to add Grommets in each Impose Mode. There are three types of Grommet to choose from as well as the option to print Grommets with system-wide Spot Colors or CMYK values.

Impose Editor with extended Mark settings

Starting with version 1.7.6 it is possible to output Marks as Spot Colors. The user can access all system-wide defined spot colors or enter CMYK values as well.

Impose Editor Measurement Tool

The Measurement Tool can be used to measure and display the size of a manipulated Print Item between two defined end points.

Multipage Tiling printing and cutting

A Tilting imposition can be transferred directly to a Cutting Device without being cut into individual tiles beforehand. Separate jobs arrive at the printer and the cutter.

Grid Tool for Manual Mode

The Grid Tool allows the user to create a grid and save it as a template. Print Items can be manually adjusted within the grid or placed using their original size..

Handling of Cutting Devices

The handling of Cutting Devices has been revised. Users can now create Marks, Barcodes, Offsets and much more in the Impose Editor, user-defined templates can also be saved. Furthermore, the saved templates can be selected in the Send to Printer dialog.

Adding Marks in Manual Mode

As with previous behavior using rule-based modes – such as Tiling and Nesting, it is now possible to define the origin of Marks. Marks can be set per Print Item, for all Print Items together or aligned to the Artboard.

New Cutting Devices added

As of Release 1.7.6, Elitron cutting devices from the KOMBO series can be controlled. Standard settings for Marks and corresponding XML cut files are transferred to the Elitron plotter software.

Sending multiple page jobs to the Cutter

If a Cutting Device is selected in the Send to Printer dialog, all required Marks and QR or barcodes per page are generated and transferred.
Support for additional Esko Kongsberg variants

With this version the two cutting programs i- Cut Vision 7.2.3 and i-Cut Production Console 2.1 can be controlled.
New Fixups: 

Clip existing White Channel
An existing White Channel can be reduced in size to avoid pre-flashing the color.
Remove Spot Color
Removes selected Spot Colors for objects contained in the document
Increase White Elements für Workflow +
Enables you to enlarge text and vectors designated as White, to make them more visible on a dark background in the printed image.
* Adobe Illustrator Plug-in Variable Images with SVG
From this version it is possible to use SVG data for Variable Images.
The following file types are supported:
Administration of User-defined Fields

für Workflow + This functionality was already implemented in 1.7.3, but had to be modified via the master data until now. Starting from this version, User defined Fields can be created and edited under Administration > Settings > User-defined Fields.

Output Configuration Templates

Starting with this version, the selection of Output Configurations has been considerably simplified. Popular or frequently used Output Configurations can be saved and used as templates with the desired name. These templates can be used in Force Print and existing Production Jobs, or selected when creating new Production Jobs.

Linking Shares with Color Setups

With Release 1.7.6, it is now possible to link shares assigned to a printer with a Color Setup. This means that all production jobs are automatically rendered to a predefined destination. This share is preferred to the share mapped to the printer, but can be overwritten for each production job.

Force Print improvements

In addition to design changes and the use of Output Templates, new functions, such as the definition of the name and number of copies, have also been added to the Force Print function.

Adobe Illustrator Plug-in with multiple Lines Per Record

 * Previously, only one record of a CSV file could be used per Print Document. This was revised with version 1.7.6. From now on it is possible to use several data records of one CSV file per Print Document.


Delete filtered Production Jobs/Articles

 By setting a filter - e.g: Creation date, older than - filtered list from Articles/Production Jobs can be deleted or placed in the trash.

Color Setup enhancements

When calculating the Linearization Profile, the calculation method L* or G7 can be selected. This can be used to create G7-compliant Linearizations for the American market.

Uploading Collections
 A Collection can now also be uploaded in the Collection List section using the drop zone. As previously available with the Articles, a Collection can only be created with a folder and not with individual Print Items when uploading.
Hochladen von Sammlungen
Uploading Articles to a Collection

 Previously, a Print Item had to be assigned to a Collection and could not be uploaded directly to a Collection. With this version, the user has the option of uploading Print Items directly to a selected Collection via the drop zone.

Fixup enhancements: 

Selecting system-wide defined Spot Colors
Until now, Spot Color names always had to be entered manually. Now they can be selected directly.
Banner with Grommets
The range of functions has been greatly expanded. You can now create edge reinforcements, Grommets and Cutting lines for the selected
Print Item.
Add a Dieline to irregular shapes
The option “Reduce to outer borders” has been added.
Convert Pure Black to Rich Black
The “Include intermediate color values” option has been added to preserve color tones.
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